A Buyer’s Guide to the KTM 300 XC

Tough, compact, and lightning-fast, the KTM 300 XC offers an effortless ride through a variety of off-road settings. It’s perfect for tackling woods and off-road trails, and it’s loaded with features that will impress many types of riders. Here’s a look at what makes the KTM 300 XC a standout choice for off-road performance.

Top-notch Performance and Weight Distribution 

The KTM 300 XC is designed with the rider in mind. The components of its counter-balanced engine are arranged to centralize mass and optimize weight distribution, meaning there’s less vibration, more balance, and better overall performance. Its clutch and crank also sit slightly higher than on other models, and the KTM 300 XC’s electric start is simpler and rides under the engine.

A Frame to Handle All Types of Terrain

The frame of the KTM 300 XC offers more torsional rigidity and less longitudinal rigidity. This allows the bike to turn more easily and better absorb large bumps and hits. The overall weight on current 300 XC models has been reduced, giving the bike more speed and quicker handling than ever before.

Impressive Power and Capability

The power behind the KTM 300 XC is impressive, even when at a very low RPM or on complicated terrain. The bike has no shortage of torque at low revs and can ramp up the power when racing or overcoming difficult obstacles. The KTM 300 XC offers excellent traction, so it can tackle hills and steep climbs at both a slow chug and in bursts of speed.

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