A Glance at the Honda CB500X: Why It’s a Great Buy

The Honda CB500X is all about purpose, proportion, and performance. This adventure-genre (ADV) motorcycle was designed to excel in these three categories, with the debutant recreational urban biker (“Rubber”) in mind. The Honda CB500X delivers sound value and perfect power for the average adventurer’s actual environment, since concrete jungles are more common than desert dunes for most bikers. For the challenges most North American adventures present, whether on the daily commute or the weekend warpath, this bike has everything a novice needs and all a seasoned rider wants in a better-than-basic, go-anywhere, great-looking bike.


A spinoff on the CB500R and CB500F, Honda launched the CB500X in 2013. It marries the look and feel of Honda’s larger hogs with the less exigent needs of novice enthusiasts, but with ADV styling and features that set it apart among other introductory-model competitors, save BMW’s single-cylinder G 650 GS. The Honda CB500X, however, sports a twin-cylinder 471cc twin cylinder motor that puts 49.6 of horsepower at the command running 8,500 rpm—more than enough for even a Rocky Mountain haul. Sturdy, compact construction combined with its engine thrust and performance features also make it optimal for experienced bikers looking to acquire a reliable, handsome workhorse.


Here, the Honda CB500X truly excels. Its low-rise suspension, upright driving position, and extra rear seat cushion make a much more comfortable ride for one or for two. Its smaller frame makes it more maneuverable, especially in urban environments, yet the larger engine feels solid and strong underneath the seat. The lines of its eye-catching adventure styling aren’t lost even with optional full-size travel box and smaller side panniers. With an MSRP of $6,599 (plus $300 for ABS), the get is more than the ask for this bike, especially with dealer financing.


Lower horsepower notwithstanding, the Honda CB500X delivers on performance. It features a 17.3 l/4.6 g-capacity fuel tank and is capable of averaging 70 mpg on regular long commutes, 50 mpg in city streets. The engine offers plenty of pull for exiting turns, and the wheels plant firmly in curves. Teeth and hands don’t get rattled, either, thanks to innovative vibration-reduction engineering. For superior performance in an entry-level ADV bike, the Honda CB500X offers both fun and function at a great price.

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