Product Spotlight: The 2019 Indian Motorcycle® Chief Dark Horse®


Previous models of the Indian Motorcycle® Chief Dark Horse® proved the mettle of the brand by impressing the motorcycle community with its sleek look and reliable ride. In 2019, Indian® continued to load up the Chief Dark Horse® with new features that only improve what was already a great motorcycle. Here’s what riders need to…

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Preparing Your Bike for an Off-Road Adventure


Once you’ve mastered riding on the open road, you might be ready to tackle a new challenge: off-road riding! Motorcycles built for off-road adventures are generally bigger and heavier, and the approach to riding them is entirely different. Let this guide serve as your introduction to riding off the beaten path. Start Out Slowly  Off-road…

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Four Tips for Motocross Beginners

As a pastime, motocross racing perfectly combines the thrills of motorcycle riding with the freedom of the trail. Newcomers have a lot of practice ahead of them, but there are a few ways to make starting out a little bit easier. These tips might just be the push needed to get a beginner going in…

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A Guide to Finding the Right Dirt Bike Helmet

KTM Dealer

To most dirt bike riders, wearing a helmet while out for a ride is a no-brainer. What’s more difficult is finding the right helmet in the first place: one that both fits properly and offers optimum protection. This guide explores what riders should look for in a dirt bike helmet. Helmets Should Be Certified  One…

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A Buyer’s Guide to the KTM 300 XC

Tough, compact, and lightning-fast, the KTM 300 XC offers an effortless ride through a variety of off-road settings. It’s perfect for tackling woods and off-road trails, and it’s loaded with features that will impress many types of riders. Here’s a look at what makes the KTM 300 XC a standout choice for off-road performance. Top-notch…

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Four Dirt Bike Safety Tips for New Riders

Many people buy dirt bikes expecting to hit the trails immediately, alone with nothing but Mother Nature. Eventually, this will happen. Learning proper off-road riding technique takes time, but these tips will help anyone get started. Choose the Right Bike Bike size is crucial to remaining in control. A dirt bike that’s too large or too small…

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Thinking About a Dirt Bike? Avoid These Beginner’s Mistakes

Dirt bikes are popular among outdoorsmen and adrenaline junkies alike, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s nothing quite like riding a new dirt bike, but it’s important to be prepared. Here are basic beginner’s guide for getting started. Timing the Throttle and Clutch  Just like riding a bike or driving a car, using…

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