Safety Tips for Riding With Fido on Your Bike

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One of the joys of motorcycle riding is sharing the experience with loved ones. That often includes friends, family members, and even four-legged companions. While riding a motorcycle with a dog can be a wonderful shared experience, there are special safety considerations that should be taken into account for dog-friendly motorcycle rides. With a little…

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Don’t Make These Four Mistakes as a New Motorcycle Driver


As a new motorcycle owner, it can be tempting to throw caution to the wind and take the bike out for its first spin. But in order to be safe and keep that new motorcycle in great condition, it’s important to avoid these common mistakes. 1. Skipping the Basic Rider Course Many new motorcycle owners…

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A Glance at the Honda CB500X: Why It’s a Great Buy

The Honda CB500X is all about purpose, proportion, and performance. This adventure-genre (ADV) motorcycle was designed to excel in these three categories, with the debutant recreational urban biker (“Rubber”) in mind. The Honda CB500X delivers sound value and perfect power for the average adventurer’s actual environment, since concrete jungles are more common than desert dunes…

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