Essential Gear for Any ATV Rider

ATVs are rugged, low-maintenance vehicles that are popular with hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts because they can go pretty much anywhere. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important to pack a few essentials just in case. Here’s a look at some of the tools every ATV rider should bring along.

Basic Safety Gear 

Even the most cautious ATV riders should be prepared for the unexpected. Helmets are a must for avoiding serious injury in the event of an accident. Other protection, such as goggles, long sleeves, gloves, and boots, should be worn to keep other body parts safe from branches and flying debris. Also, having a well-stocked first-aid kit on board never hurts.

A Tool Kit

Virtually every ATV comes with its own set of tools, but that shouldn’t stop riders from adding a few extras. A screwdriver, pliers, and wrenches are all essential items that can go a long way if the ATV has any maintenance issues. Other tools to bring along are vise-grips, duct tape, zip ties, flashlights, and a multi-purpose utility knife. And having an air pump and tire plugs handy can take the hassle out of dealing with a flat tire.

Obvious Essentials

There are several items that no experienced ATV rider would forget to bring. Running out of gas deep in the woods can be dangerous, so riders should always bring an extra supply of fuel just to be safe. A cell phone and charger will be useful if a rider gets stranded or hurt in an accident. In case a trip ends up being tougher or longer than expected, riders should pack as much drinking water as possible.

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