Five Vacation Ideas for Biking Across Michigan

Traveling on a motorcycle offers a thrilling experience different from using just any other automobile. Taking a bike vacation provides riders with the unique chance to explore new places while allowing their adventurous side to take center stage. When riding throughout Michigan, the following five areas are must-stops on any motorcycle trip.

Exploring Coastal Villages 

To experience Michigan’s coastal shoreline, access these tranquil spots via the Red Arrow Highway. Spend time during the day there or camp and watch the sunset in the evening. There are also various spots along the beach, including galleries and multiple shops, ready for exploring. The many gardens and orchards are great for cruising and sightseeing.

Touring the Au Sable River

Take a ride through Oscoda to find this legendary river. Here, riders can take in the sights at various viewpoints and explore the beautiful wooded areas. Go for a hike in this serene location, or try out an off-road adventure.

Visiting Grand Haven Beach

Grand Haven Beach is a favorite location for a motorcycle adventure tour—there’s plenty to see on the sandy beach after a ride. Relax and get a clear view of the waves as they hit the shoreline, which is also a spectacular site for taking photos.

Crossing the Mackinac Bridge

A ride across the Mackinac Bridge offers riders picturesque scenery and spectacular views. After crossing, have a picnic or swim in Lake Michigan, or visit the nearby tourist attraction, the Mystery Spot.

Taking a Tour of Lake Huron

Lake Huron is a popular area with nature lovers as it allows them to explore the natural beauty of one of the Great Lakes. Find a waterfront area to park and set up a picnic, or take in the scenic views of the beach.

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