Four Motorcycle Mods That Make a Difference

Once you’ve found your dream motorcycle, adding a few modifications is a great way to make it feel more in tune with your riding preferences and personal style. Whether you’re looking to turn heads or just add some extra functionalities, there’s bound to be a mod or two out there for you. Here are four motorcycle mods that might make the difference for your bike.

Customize Your Exhaust

The exhausts on most motorcycles are quite prominent, making them a popular part to customize and modify. There are several functional reasons why you might want to change your exhaust; for example, you can decrease or increase your bike’s sound output, and you can also reduce its overall weight. Many riders change their exhausts for aesthetic reasons, switching to exhausts with unique shapes or custom designs.

Enhance Your Lights and Turn Signals

Standard lights and turn signals are good for what they do, but there are also many custom lighting options available. Enhance your vision on the road with brighter LED headlights or add additional lighting to the sides of your bike for increased visibility and a unique look. Even turn signals can be customized to be more expressive and visible at night.

Upgrade Your Tires

Of all the modifications available, new tires probably have the biggest potential to change both your bike’s look and performance. For that reason, if you go for more aesthetically pleasing tires, they also must offer similar (or better) traction and handling. It’s never wise to sacrifice safety for style, and your tires are no exception.

Try a Roomy Top Box

If you’re planning to make your motorcycle your main mode of transportation, investing in a spacious top box is essential. Top boxes provide more storage space without weighing you down under a heavy backpack. Virtually all top box models are easily attached and removed, so you don’t have to worry about riding with one when storing extra gear isn’t necessary.

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