Four Tips for Motocross Beginners

As a pastime, motocross racing perfectly combines the thrills of motorcycle riding with the freedom of the trail. Newcomers have a lot of practice ahead of them, but there are a few ways to make starting out a little bit easier. These tips might just be the push needed to get a beginner going in motocross racing.

Practice Riding on Dirt

For those who are unsure if motocross racing is the sport for them, a great way to get a feel for riding on dirt trails is to try them out on a mountain bike. Taking to the trails on a mountain bike is slower and less intense than on a motocross bike, but it can give new riders the experience of rough terrain, sharp turns, and inclines. It’s even possible to make small jumps on a mountain bike, which is an important skill to master in motocross racing.

Purchase a Bike and Gear

Motocross newcomers won’t get very far without having their own bike to practice with. Pre-owned motocross bikes are a great place to begin without having to invest in pricier, more advanced new bikes. New riders will also need to buy basic motocross gear and accessories, including a helmet, boots, gloves, goggles, and protective clothing.

Try Out Local Riding Tracks

Do some research online or talk to local riders to find out where the best riding tracks are in the area. New motocross riders who are lucky enough to have their own land can also try to set up their own trails. The key is to have a place to ride that’s not too challenging for a beginner rider, but that also has enough twists, turns, and jumps to allow for good practice.

Join a Club

Joining a club is easily the best way to make connections and meet local motocross riders. Having other riders of all skill levels to race with and learn from is invaluable for a new rider’s development in the world of motocross. Joining a club is also the first step toward participating in races and competing in events.

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