Getting a Motorcycle License Endorsement in Michigan

Though there is no separate motorcycle license in Michigan, riders are required to get their “CY” license endorsement to legally ride. It is not as simple as applying for the endorsement, however. Motorcycle riders should be prepared to go through a number of steps.

Get a Temporary Motorcycle Permit

The first step to legally riding a motorcycle in Michigan is applying for a Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP) at the Secretary of State, which lasts for 180 days. Applicants must already have a valid Michigan driver’s license and pay a small fee for the TIP. Applicants must also take a standard vision test as well as a written exam, which checks their understanding of the rules of the road and handling a bike. After clearing these hurdles, the applicant can receive a TIP, but they must take a practical exam before earning their CY endorsement.

Pass a Motorcycle Skills Test

Within the 180 days of obtaining the TIP, the applicant must pass a motorcycle skills test. Many of these follow a motorcycle safety course, which is designed to teach everything a rider needs to know to safely operate a motorcycle. During the road test, an evaluator will watch the rider perform various tasks and maneuvers that prove mastery and control over the motorcycle, including U-turns, sharp turns, and braking.

Present Certificates for Full Endorsement

After completing the tests, the applicant must file the proper paperwork with the Secretary of State to receive their CY endorsement on their license. This involves providing proof of registration, insurance, and successfully completed tests and their resulting certificates.

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