How to Prep Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage

By the time snow starts falling, most Michigan riders are prepared, however begrudgingly, to put their motorcycles away until spring. There are a few steps local motorcycle owners should take to get their bikes ready for winter before hanging up their helmets.

Secure Storage Space

Motorcycles should be stored in a warm indoor space, such as a heated garage, but an unheated garage or storage shed will do in a pinch. Bikes should be kept away from windows, where the sun’s rays can damage leather and paint. Many motorcycle dealerships offer winter storage for those who don’t have access to indoor spaces. As a last resort, bikes can be parked on sheets of plywood and securely covered.

Cycle the Battery

Batteries last longer when kept charged, but Michigan’s freezing temperatures can limit a battery’s capacity. Riders should consider detaching the battery and bringing it inside to prevent it from being exposed to the cold. Alternatively, a trickle charger can be used to maintain a battery’s charge without overdoing it. Overcharging can cause a battery to overheat and, in extreme situations, explode. A trickle charger is a handy way to prevent a dead battery when it’s time to take a motorcycle back on the road.

Perform Required Maintenance

No one wants to make a service appointment on the first warm day after winter. Performing necessary maintenance work preemptively means more riding time in the spring and summer months. This includes lubing cables and chains, properly inflating tires, and replacing parts if necessary. Fuel stabilizers and an oil change can prevent corrosion and engine wear, ensuring that the motorcycle fires up without any issues. After taking care of the rest of the bike, riders should consider topping off the exterior with a winter wash and wax.

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