How to Prepare Your ATV for a Winter Ride

ATVs provide an unparalleled thrill and adrenaline rush—something that most riders want to experience throughout the year. Don’t let the snow and cold temperatures of winter prevent you from enjoying your ATV year-round. With these preparation tips for riding your ATV in cold weather and snowy conditions, you can safely explore the outdoors no matter what the condition.

The Best Snow Prep for ATVs 

The following preparatory steps are necessary for safe ATV riding in winter.

  • Changing the oil: If your ATV is due for an oil change, take the opportunity to do this before winter. Use a light synthetic oil that will flow quickly throughout the engine and keep it well lubricated.
  • Fitting tire chains: Riding in snowy conditions is dangerous due to the poor traction it creates. Tire chains improve traction in these wet conditions allowing you to enjoy your ride.
  • Changing the plugs: For an older ATV, changing the plugs can prevent hard starts, and it will keep the machine running in low temperatures.
  • Complete power maintenance: Clean the battery terminals to clear any corrosion and to avoid power problems. Connect a permanent trickle charger for the battery to charge overnight.
  • Add a fuel stabilizer: In winter, it is easy for moisture to seep into your ATV’s fuel tank leading to hard starts. You can avert this problem by adding a fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank.
  • Install ATV winter accessories: Some accessories—such as wind deflecting handlebars, snowplows, winches, track kits, seat and thumb warmers, and heated grips—can improve your ride in the cold, snowy conditions.

What to Wear When Winter Riding

Riding in freezing temperatures is tough, so you need to find the warmest clothing to keep your body temperatures stable. Layering first with a layer of wool or wool/synthetic clothing is a smart idea to beat the cold and wick away sweat. Next comes an insulating fleece vest or pullover to trap your body heat. The third or most outer layer of clothing should be a waterproof and breathable shell to cut the wind and keep you dry.

Riding Gear Needed in the Winter

In addition to your clothing, you need the right gear to enjoy your ATV in winter. Essential accessories include insulated gloves and thick wool socks, winter boots, winter goggles, a facemask or balaclava, and a helmet.

A thorough inspection of your ATV is a great idea before the cold weather sets in, and if you are in Michigan Center, MI, or the surrounding areas, TC Powersports is glad to help. We’re a one-stop-shop for all your motorcycle, scooter, ATV and UTV needs, including sales, servicing, parts and accessories, and winter storage. Contact us to learn more about how we can help prep that ATV for winter riding.