Product Spotlight: The 2019 Indian Motorcycle® Chief Dark Horse®

Previous models of the Indian Motorcycle® Chief Dark Horse® proved the mettle of the brand by impressing the motorcycle community with its sleek look and reliable ride. In 2019, Indian® continued to load up the Chief Dark Horse® with new features that only improve what was already a great motorcycle. Here’s what riders need to know about one of Indian’s latest and greatest offerings.

Ride Enhancement 

Though already a smooth ride, a motorcycle with this sleek of an appearance deserved the utmost in ride comfort and control. Indian® brings that to the table in two ways: selectable ride modes and rear cylinder deactivation. With selectable ride modes, riders can now choose between three settings: tour, standard, and sport. Tour offers smooth throttle response for easy cruising, standard ups the power delivery for normal driving circumstances, and sport offers extreme acceleration. Rear cylinder deactivation offers riders improved comfort while stopped in traffic by removing some engine heat and rumble, then reactivating when the throttle is engaged.

Booming New Audio System

Showing a commitment to improving the infotainment sector of their motorcycles, Indian® has redesigned its stock audio offering into something more appealing for audiophiles. They have separated the system’s tweeters in order to optimize clarity. A new equalizer takes into consideration speed and road noise to level out audio appropriately. With these changes, the audio system in the 2019 Chief Dark Horse® now produces 100 watts of high-quality sound.

Aesthetic Offerings

In addition to a smoother ride and a new audio system, Indian® has streamlined the look of the 2019 Chief Dark Horse® by offering premium finishes with a wide selection of types and shades. Riders can revel in gloss black finishes of the valve and cam covers, pushrod tubes, and exhaust and saddlebag hinges. The bike itself can be styled in either Thunder Black Smoke or White Smoke options. Indian® has also included the iconic headdress logo on the front fender. New accessories are coming down the pipe, as well.

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