Safety Tips for Riding With Fido on Your Bike

One of the joys of motorcycle riding is sharing the experience with loved ones. That often includes friends, family members, and even four-legged companions. While riding a motorcycle with a dog can be a wonderful shared experience, there are special safety considerations that should be taken into account for dog-friendly motorcycle rides. With a little extra caution, every rider can enjoy their favorite pastime with their best furry friend.

Choose the Right Carrier

People take their pets virtually anywhere, and the open road is no exception. But dogs need to have the right kind of pet carrier or sidecar to keep them secure on the motorcycle. Some pet carriers attach to the back of the bike; others are sidecars that let Fido ride “shotgun.” The carrier or car must be the appropriate size for the dog, and it’s important to double check that it’s properly secured to the motorcycle before every ride. Motorcycle cars or carriers for dogs can be purchased at some pet supply stores and many online retailers.

Bring the Right Gear

Like babies and small children, dogs need a few extra supplies while out and about. First on the list is protective safety gear: riders should take the same safety precautions with their animals as they do for themselves. Safety gear includes motorcycle goggles and protective helmets designed for dogs, booties for paw protection, and dog jackets or sweaters for cool-weather riding. For longer rides, it’s wise to bring along a warm blanket, waste bags, travel food and water dishes, and a dog first-aid kit, just in case.

Take It Slow

With their loud noises and high speeds, motorcycles can be scary for dogs who have never been around them. It’s never a good idea to simply put the dog in the carrier and take off; Fido should be eased into riding with a few shorter, slower trips before building up to longer, faster rides. This allows the dog to become acquainted with his carrier or car, get used to the sound of the bike, and feel the cool Michigan wind blowing through his fur. By the time that big long-distance trip rolls around, he’ll be an old pro!

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