Security Tips for Preventing Bike and ATV Theft

Unlike with cars and trucks, thieves don’t need to “break into” anything to steal motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs—in fact, they can often simply roll the vehicle away. Luckily, there are a number of easy ways to prevent theft. Follow these security tips to maximize ATV and bike safety and keep would-be criminals away.


Kill switches render a motorcycle’s engine inoperable and are critical in preventing theft. But since more advanced thieves know how to disable common kill switches, using a hidden one is even safer. These may come pre-installed on a motorcycle, or they can be added at home by a savvy biker.

Other useful motorcycle anti-theft tools include cable locks, steering locks, and alarm-secured disc locks. These tools are designed to prevent easy movement by thieves. GPS bike safety systems are also available and can alert a biker via text message if the vehicle changes location.

Dirt Bikes

Many of the same locks and mechanisms that keep motorcycles safe are also useful in protecting dirt bikes, but since dirt bikes are often ridden and stored under different circumstances, other security tips apply. Dirt bikes should be stored in a locked, preferably alarmed shed or garage. It’s also a good idea not to advertise owning a bike to the whole neighborhood. At a race or meet, where there are lots of strangers walking around, it’s critical that owners keep their bikes in view at all times.


Protecting ATVs from theft when not in use can be as simple as removing the valve stems from at least two tires, allowing them to go flat. Most would-be thieves won’t be carrying around extra valve stems or installation tools, and owners can re-inflate when it’s time to ride again. Since the vast majority of ATVs these days use electric starters, it’s also easy to remove the machine’s fuel pump, key switch, or starter fuse to thwart theft.

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