Six Signs Your Motorcycle Clutch Needs Replacing

A functioning clutch makes motorcycle riding a more pleasant experience by allowing riders to smoothly shift gears as the road conditions change to attain ideal riding speed. Ignoring minor clutch problems can affect other bike parts, and eventually force the engine to stop running. Below are some signs you can use to identify if a clutch needs replacing to prevent damage.

Difficulties Changing Gears 

When it becomes harder to change gears on a running motorcycle, this points to a worn-out clutch system. This hard shifting also comes with a clunking sound or other strange noises. When such a problem arises, a technician should check the clutch system and replace it.

Poor Acceleration

When riding a bike, nothing feels better than the acceleration that comes with a higher gear shift. However, if the rpm increases without an accompanying change of speed, this is a clear sign of a slipping clutch that needs replacing at the local service center.

Chattering or Metallic Sounds

Any chattering or metallic sound when riding could point to clutch issues. Such noises start faintly but gradually grow. An experienced rider should be able to tell if it’s a clutch problem.

Lowered Gas Mileage

A sudden drop in mileage could point to a clutch problem. If the bike constantly revs at higher RPM, it forces the engine to work harder and burn more fuel. This problem requires an immediate service appointment with the local dealer.

Sticking Clutch

The worst problem a rider can experience on the road is a sticking clutch. A stuck clutch lever is frustrating whether this happens with the clutch released or pulled in. It is a warning sign that the clutch needs a checkup and, most likely, a replacement.

Not Getting Into Gear

If it becomes impossible to get a motorcycle to shift into certain gears, it is time to replace the clutch. If the gear shift lever goes up and down freely, the motorcycle owner should plan for a clutch replacement.

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