Five Vacation Ideas for Biking Across Michigan


Traveling on a motorcycle offers a thrilling experience different from using just any other automobile. Taking a bike vacation provides riders with the unique chance to explore new places while allowing their adventurous side to take center stage. When riding throughout Michigan, the following five areas are must-stops on any motorcycle trip. Exploring Coastal Villages …

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Six Signs Your Motorcycle Clutch Needs Replacing


A functioning clutch makes motorcycle riding a more pleasant experience by allowing riders to smoothly shift gears as the road conditions change to attain ideal riding speed. Ignoring minor clutch problems can affect other bike parts, and eventually force the engine to stop running. Below are some signs you can use to identify if a…

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Getting a Motorcycle License Endorsement in Michigan


Though there is no separate motorcycle license in Michigan, riders are required to get their “CY” license endorsement to legally ride. It is not as simple as applying for the endorsement, however. Motorcycle riders should be prepared to go through a number of steps. Get a Temporary Motorcycle Permit The first step to legally riding…

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Preparing Your Bike for an Off-Road Adventure


Once you’ve mastered riding on the open road, you might be ready to tackle a new challenge: off-road riding! Motorcycles built for off-road adventures are generally bigger and heavier, and the approach to riding them is entirely different. Let this guide serve as your introduction to riding off the beaten path. Start Out Slowly  Off-road…

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What to Do If You’re Caught in a Storm on Your Motorcycle


Driving any vehicle through inclement weather can be dangerous, but concerns are only amplified if you’re riding a motorcycle. In case of unexpected bad weather, these tips are your best bet for staying safe. Pack Smart  With the right preparation, moderate weather doesn’t always require hopping off your bike or delaying your journey. No matter…

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Three Must-Have Apps for All Motorcyclists

If you’ve been riding a motorcycle for a while, you probably know that you don’t have access to the same range of creature comforts as you would in a car. In fact, this is one of the benefits of two wheels over four; riding a motorcycle is a more focused, pure, and present way to…

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