The Best ATV Rallies in the U.S.

A family that rides together thrives together, and ATV rallies are one of the best ways to get everyone involved in the fun. When riding season is in full swing, ATV rallies begin popping up for enthusiasts to attend. For those who have never been to an ATV rally, the following list will give current and future riders an idea of what they can expect from some of the best ATV rallies in the U.S.

Rally on the Rocks 

It’s got a little bit of something for everyone, but Rally on the Rocks is an especially fun-filled rally for nature lovers. This event provides an opportunity for riders to see some of the most beautiful scenery in Utah, and participants may even get a chance to rock crawl some of the most excellent trails in the country.

Oregon Dunefest

Oregon Dunefest is one of the most family-friendly ATV events, offering activities for everyone from young riders to experienced professionals. From showing off gear to going on runs, even the kids can have as much fun as the adults at this rally.

Brimstone White Knuckle

With live concerts, obstacle course competitions, a vendor village, and drag racing, the Brimstone White Knuckle rally is one of the best outdoor events in Tennessee. This event offers unique fun-filled activities for all kinds of riders.

UTV Takeover

For sand lovers, this is the rally that can’t be missed. UTV Takeover has sand drag competitions, short-course racing, a huck-fest, and wheelie competitions. This Oregon rally also has live music, a treasure hunt, and a barbeque cook-off, so everyone will have something to do.

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