Thinking About a Dirt Bike? Avoid These Beginner’s Mistakes

Dirt bikes are popular among outdoorsmen and adrenaline junkies alike, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s nothing quite like riding a new dirt bike, but it’s important to be prepared. Here are basic beginner’s guide for getting started.

Timing the Throttle and Clutch 

Just like riding a bike or driving a car, using the throttle and clutch control on a dirt bike takes practice. Working these vital dirt bike parts individually is all about timing, but working them together while riding a dirt bike is even more difficult. When it comes to this particular learning curve, the biggest mistake is not taking the time to continually practice maneuvering them together. Getting too confident and taking off at full speed without complete control of both the throttle and clutch could be disastrous.

Balancing Act

It’s true that learning to ride a dirt bike is similar to riding a bicycle, but many make the mistake of believing they’re identical. Balancing oneself on a bicycle is a different beast from balancing on a dirt bike, mostly because of the dramatically increased speed, as well as the increased weight of the dirt bike. Although it is easier to begin in a seated position, standing will help with overall balance and control. The first few rides might feel uncomfortable before the balancing act is figured out.

Clear Vision

Many first time riders are often compelled to look down at the road ahead of them on their test rides. This mistake can result in object fixation, which is when a rider fixates on an obstacle such as a root or boulder to avoid crashing into it, which leads to them crashing into something else! Looking straight ahead will allow for increased balance and positioning and better control of throttle and brake controls.

Mind Games

Professional dirt bike riders may make riding look like a physical sport. The truth is, it requires just as much brainpower as it requires brawn. Riders will have to operate clutch and throttle while focusing on obstacles at full speed, while also making fast decisions to avoid crashes or injury. This is where extensive practice comes in, as it allows newcomers to get used to the riding process before taking off full speed ahead. Bikers must also be fully in tune with their bikes and repair any mechanical problems that could be dangerous down the road.

The best way to prepare for dirt bike riding is by speaking with experts. Give TC Powersports a call to learn more about our dirt bikes!