Three Must-Have Apps for All Motorcyclists

If you’ve been riding a motorcycle for a while, you probably know that you don’t have access to the same range of creature comforts as you would in a car. In fact, this is one of the benefits of two wheels over four; riding a motorcycle is a more focused, pure, and present way to interact with the road. That said, everyone likes a few bells and whistles now and then, especially if they enhance the riding experience. With this in mind, developers have created a number of new apps made for motorcyclists. Here are three you should check out.

Eat Sleep Ride

If you only download one motorcycle app, make it this one. Eat Sleep Ride offers comprehensive functionality by letting you track a range of data, from speed and elevation to lean angle on turns. It’s also a social app, offering ways to connect with other riders, share routes, create private groups, and even compete with other riders over most miles.

Motorcycle Weather

Nothing puts a damper on the riding experience quite like a spell of bad weather. While following regular weather reports is helpful, they aren’t designed with bikers in mind and often lack the specificity that bikers need. Motorcycle Weather lets you set temperature and precipitation preferences and then lets you know if the forecast meets your standards. With detailed hourly forecasts and highly localized reports, it’s like having your own personal weatherman as a riding buddy.


Created with epic rides in mind, Polarsteps does the work of recording cross-country trips so you and your friends can be free to enjoy the journey. Polarsteps records your exact route and even syncs up photos taken along the way, organizing them in a visual journey map.

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