Three Practical Uses for ATVs

Though some folks only take their ATVs out for off-roading or mudding, they have lots of practical uses. Here are a few ways Michigan residents can get the most out of their four-wheelers.

Snow Plowing 

According to Sperling’s BestPlaces, Michigan Center gets about 37 inches of snow per year. Shoveling snow is a part of life in Michigan, but no one should break their back when there’s a quicker, easier option. Adding snow plow attachments to an ATV can make one of winter’s worst chores more bearable. People who normally keep their ATVs in storage all winter should get familiar with driving an ATV in the snow before getting started.

Yard Work

There’s no need to invest hundreds of dollars in a new lawnmower or tractor when an ATV can do the trick. Just adding a pull-behind mower or a mower deck attachment with lawn-friendly tires is all that’s needed to get to work. ATVs can help with more than just cutting grass. With the right attachments, they can replace several lawn and farm items and handle a number of tasks, including raking, plowing fields, and spreading seeds.

Ice Fishing

Most people don’t associate ATVs with ice fishing, but they make it easier to get to remote fishing spots because they can haul gear straight across the ice. They can even tow fishing sheds through the snow and across frozen bodies of water. Of course, people should always make sure that the ice is thick enough to fish on safely.

Start Shopping Today

Whether you live for riding off-road or you’ve always been more into motorcycles, you should know that ATVs have lots of practical value. At TC Powersports, we have a large selection of new and pre-owned ATVs. We can help you find the vehicle, gear, and attachments you need to get to work. Stop by our Michigan Center showroom today.