Three Winter Safety Tips For Riders

Dedicated to the call of the open road, riders can’t be kept away from their bikes for too long. During winter, especially in colder areas, this can be a challenge. For those who just can’t stay off the road, try and keep the following winter safety tips in mind.

Wearing the Proper Clothing for Winter Rides 

Before jumping on the bike, make sure what is being worn matches up with the weather outside. Start with underwear – thermals are preferable to several bulky layers of outerwear. Thermal or woolen socks should also be worn. Keeping the extremities warm and nimble is a critical part of winter biking. Find the warmest pants and jackets available and make sure sleeves, neck, and ankles are as protected as possible. A neck warmer or scarf could also be an excellent investment.

Bike Modifications That Combat the Cold

Wind chill is one of the diciest parts of biking in winter. To combat that, consider purchasing a detachable windscreen. Handgrip, seat, and foot warmers are also a modification option, though those will draw battery power.

Practicing Self-care During a Winter Trip

Though riders pride themselves on besting marathon drives, it is best to stop as often as possible during colder temperatures and winter storms. Look for opportunities along the way to dry off, eat, drink, and rest a bit. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking alcohol and coffee will help, though. Science says that eating well and staying hydrated is much more beneficial than any short term effects those drinks can provide.

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