Tips for Riding Your ATV or UTV in the Snow

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, and utility task vehicles, or UTVs, are specifically designed for use in any type of terrain or riding condition, from sand to snow. Riding in the snow is particularly difficult, not only because of the challenging terrain, but also because of the brutal force of Mother Nature. These tips will help prepare riders for operating their ATV or UTV in the snow.

Maximize Engine Performance

ATVs and UTVs can be outfitted with tons of parts and accessories to improve performance in the elements. Vehicles using electronic fuel injection, or EFI, use a high-pressure fuel delivery system combined with advanced electronic controls to aid in efficiently starting and powering the vehicle—a major performance-booster in freezing temperatures. Starting an engine in cold weather wears on it, but an engine block heater can quickly and safely warm the engine. A battery charger is another necessity, as cold weather is notorious for draining power. Cold-weather fluids ensure maximum performance all season long.

Traction is Key

Traction is paramount in winter weather, and there are several options for improving it. Snow tires with tall, sharp lugs and tire chains can improve grip, but chains should be removed for high-speed riding. Several different types of track kits can be installed onto any ATV or UTV to give it a larger “footprint,” helping it stay on top of the snow.

Accessorize for Comfort

Wintertime rides are more comfortable than ever with heated gear, which is available in many different forms. From heated grips and seats to heated gloves, jackets, and riding apparel, these products not only keep riders warm and comfortable, but they also help with safety out in the elements. Handguards and gauntlets offer alternative ways to keep hands and fingers warm. In addition, windshields can deflect blustery winter breezes.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Winter riding comes with unique dangers, like freezing temperatures, hazardous terrain, and white-out conditions. Riders should be prepared to tackle the unexpected by educating themselves on the challenges they may face, from hypothermia to poor cellphone reception. It’s wise to bring a first-aid kit, a toolkit with a winch, and a survival kit with food, water, and additional clothing for warmth, just in case.

Before heading out on your ATV or UTV this winter, outfit it with parts and accessories for improved performance from TC Powersports. We also carry all the cold-weather riding gear and apparel you’ll need to stay warm on the trails all winter long. Visit our showroom today to start shopping or contact us.