Want to Ride Across the Country? Consider a Touring Motorcycle

Riding across the United States promises the best views of amazing cityscapes, geography, and nature. But not all motorcycles provide the comfort, handling, and space necessary for an optimal long distance ride. Those who are interested in seeing the nation from the comfort of a motorcycle may want to consider if a touring motorcycle is right for them.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Because touring motorcycles are made for those who will be riding for hours upon end, they are designed with larger displacement fairings than many motorcycles, reducing air drag and, therefore, fuel consumption. Many even have larger fuel tanks, meaning more time between stopping to cap off. Touring bikes generally have a great deal of low-end horsepower as well.

Weather Protection

Although no motorcycle will prevent riders from getting drenched during a thunderstorm, touring motorcycles are often designed with windshields that offer rainfall and wind protection. This way, a ride doesn’t have to be cut short just because it begins to rain, and bikes don’t have to be put in winter storage when snowfall is light.

Increased Comfort

Unlike many motorcycles that aren’t necessarily designed to be ridden for hours on end, touring motorcycles generally have relaxed, upright seating positions. This reduces the amount of strain on one’s back, hips, and legs. Most touring bikes also have improved suspension damping and counterbalanced engines, making their handling much more comfortable for longer rides. These bikes can also be customized with additional parts and accessories for increased comfort.

Potential Companionship

Many who spend hours on the open road enjoy the solitude of long rides, but it isn’t for everyone. Some touring motorcycles offer two-up seating, making it easy to bring a companion on lengthy rides. This easily makes for a safe and comfortable set-up for friends, kids, and spouses. With the right design, even a dog can come along for the ride!

Touring motorcycles may be best for long-distance riders, but there’s a bike that’s right for everyone’s riding needs. For more information on what bike fits your needs,  view our inventory online today!