What to Do If You’re Caught in a Storm on Your Motorcycle

Driving any vehicle through inclement weather can be dangerous, but concerns are only amplified if you're riding a motorcycle. In case of unexpected bad weather, these tips are your best bet for staying safe.

Pack Smart 

With the right preparation, moderate weather doesn't always require hopping off your bike or delaying your journey. No matter how sunny the forecast looks, you should always have a jacket or other protective gear along with you, especially when traveling long distances where weather patterns may change. Be sure to pick a high visibility jacket, as rain can drastically hinder drivers' ability to see you. A high-viz safety vest can even be folded to a small size and stored under your seat without adding much weight. A trustworthy weather app is one of many must-have apps for bikers, especially one that can notify you in advance of stormy weather.

Ride It Out

The right motorcycle tires actually perform better in the rain than most would expect, so depending on the severity of the storm, it may be possible to ride through it. If you choose to ride through mild weather, aim to ride more slowly, with less aggressive acceleration, and slow down generously before stops. Keep in mind that other drivers will also be concerned about the handling of their vehicles, and therefore may drive more defensively and unpredictably.

Wait It Out

Although it's possible to safely ride through mild weather, when a storm grows more intense it's always safer to wait it out. In general, the minute you see lightning, you should look for low cover in the safest location possible in the midst of inclement weather. Although it may be tempting to seek refuge under an overpass, this location won't put you out of harm's way from other erratic drivers. If the weather persists and you're on a tight schedule, it's better to get a ride from a friend or a rideshare service than to push through dangerous weather.

Even the most prepared riders are bound to get caught off-guard by bad weather from time to time. To stay safe, TC Powersports can help you make sure your motorcycle is properly serviced and repaired. For more information, or to view our new bikes or used inventory, learn more by calling our team in Michigan Center at (517) 970-8365 today.