What Type of Tires Do You Need for Your UTV?

Owners of UTVs attest to this: finding the proper tires for the vehicle is critical to achieving maximum performance from the purchase. When faced with the decision, there are several factors to consider that can affect a ride’s feel and performance. What kind of terrain will it traverse most often? What are the requirements of the specific vehicle? Here’s a breakdown of available tire types to aid in your search for an optimized ride.

General Purpose/All-Terrain Tires 

As a universal tire type, general purpose/all-terrain tires are excellent for covering a lot of ground in terms of usability. Will they be ideal for hyper-specific sporting pursuits? Likely not. For riders who frequently partake in riding activity on a specific terrain, their ride could benefit from tires specifically designed for that environment. However, these tires will get you around in almost any condition. The lugs are spaced apart in order to allow for generalized gripping in various environments.

Mud Tires

Mud tires are distinguished by two clear attributes: a wide tread pattern and lengthy lugs that can dig into thick mud and keep going. Most manufacturers design the lugs in an arrow pattern in order to shed the mud from the tire most effectively. The sidewalls of the tire are also designed to be tremendously tough in order to take the beating that mud riding often entails.

Sand Tires

Sand tires feature a unique, paddle-style look. Given the defined piping, these tires shouldn’t be used on hard pack or paved surfaces, as they won’t be able to offer a smooth ride in these conditions. The front tires in a set can vary in style depending on preference. A smooth tire may be desired for racing performance while sacrificing some maneuverability; ribbed tires provide more control to the driver. If you’re looking for an alternative that includes features of both, ribbed with paddle-style tires cover that gap.

Hard Pack/Dual Sport Tires

This style of tire resembles what a buyer might find on a truck designed for off-roading. Often steel-belted, hard pack/dual sport tires are very durable and long-lasting. The tread design is compact and facilitates a gentle and quiet ride. These tires are also often used in long-form circuit racing and can be considered street legal.

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